Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Useless Dissident, What

I created this website to post my transcription of the Yuri Bezmenov interview. And here is my interpretation:

Bezmenov is honest. His message is clear. And the topic is timely and relevant.

Yes, the Soviet Union has fallen, though the KGB (and Novosti) remains. But the intricacies of Soviet subversion are not what what concern us. Rather, we are interested in subversion itself.

For the useful idiots can be found today defending the cause of Islamofascism or what-have-you.

Subversion, even if it is overt and open, is subtle. Thus the brutal tyrant calls for "peace" and the Western idiots point and say, "Look, he wants peace. It is the West that stands in the way."

The Soviet Union created and sponsored "peace" groups and peace activism in the United States and the Western world, even as it sought to destroy it. But the useful idiots are unable to anticipate such activity and recognize it for what it is. They are like the mouse that once got the cheese and will now suffer shocks for ever. A grain of truth-- peace!-- is offered them, and they bite every time.

When Bezmenov says that the process of demoralization is complete in America, we should not take that lightly. And when we look, it is obvious. Students at every level are taught by the useful idiots and thus become useful idiots. And the mass media organizations happily report nonsense, because the nonsense conforms to their understanding of reality.

The idiots at Democracy Now! don't think they are performing propaganda services for America's enemies. Nor does The New York Times. But they are, and they do.

What are the threats facing America? It's hard to tell from conventional sources of news and information. And those who have eyes open to the reality are by and large paranoid weirdos and antisocial freaks, and thus not credible.

It is that latter point that really strikes me. The threat of Communism was very real. The spread of Communism and the ultimate downfall of the West was the clear goal of the Soviet Union. The subversion of Western education and media was their clear goal. And yet...

And yet the impression we get in school is that the Cold War was a crazy time in the world when Americans overreacted and saw the threat of Communism everywhere where it wasn't and McCarthyism was a senseless witch hunt that destroyed lives and ripped apart the fabric of America, blah-blah-blah. We do not hear that Communism was a flawed system, that it was fundamentally evil, that the Soviet Union aimed to spread Communism throughout the entire world and actively tried to destroy America and did in fact have Americans working for them, and that we defeated them by being determined to do so and carrying out what needed to be done in order to achieve that goal. We don't hear that.

And so I know that "ideological subversion" and "demoralization" are very real.

Thus, even when there is not a cohesive, well-organized enemy, the West destroys itself anyway. Because it has been ruined.

Russia, even still run by KGB thugs, is weak. Yes, it favors and supports international terrorist groups fueled by a very non-socialist religious fundamentalism, such as Al Qaeda. But it is no international conspiracy any longer, probably. Yes, we have much to fear from Iran and its own connections to Russia, as well as to various terrorist groups.

But these are relatively weak enemies, and it would be easy to stimulate revolutions and democratic reforms in these countries if we were determined to do so. And the way is the same: "no credits, no technology, no money, no political or diplomatic recognition, and of course no such idiocy as grain deals."

But it seems we are determined to go the other way, claiming this as wisdom: the handing over of national sovereignty to coalitions of thugs and murderers, cutting defense spending, and weakening our economy, morale, and dignity on welfare state nonsense.

Now the useful idiots have nearly unchecked power in the United States, and will happily begin (again) the process of destabilization.

These are exciting times.