Friday, February 13, 2009

Propaganda Blogs?

Blogs and websites made by foreign government agencies under the guise of some independent blogger or grassroots organization-- do they exist? Of course they do.

Here's one (I think): Voices from Russia. The author of the blog is purportedly a woman named "Vara." She has a second, very similar blog named "Art and Faith." For our purposes the first is much more interesting.

For the most part it just consists of Novosti, World of Russia, and Interfax news releases. What is telling are the choice of news items and the occasional editorial comments.

The pretense of being an Orthodox Christian who cares deeply about church issues is disgusting. The blog of course parrots the line of the Moscow Patriarchate (MP).

The Russian propagandists who most likely run this piece of work focus heavily on MP/ROCOR (Russian Church Abroad) issues because this avenue is currently a priority for the criminal leaders of the country.