Thursday, April 30, 2009

Black is Beautiful: Part Two

Continued from Part One.

This is another type of activity. You can see me second on the left with my KGB supervisor, with a group of intellectuals, “progressive writers, journalists, freedom fighters, and civil rights movement leaders, visiting the Kremlin in this picture, seemingly for one purpose only: to denounce American racism and imperialism and to glorify Soviet imperialism and racism. And of course they are being paid for this; don’t worry. Secretly people like [me] call them “useful idiots.” This is a gathering of such idiots in the headquarters of Novosti Press Agency. I am standing next to one of them: an Indian poet who wrote a poem entitled “Springtime Blossom for Mankind, Comrade Lenin.” You can imagine how much money we paid to him.

Pay attention to the number of bottles on the table. This, my dear friends, is hard booze. Part of my job was to keep foreigners permanently on a certain level of intoxication, not too drunk, not too sober. Why? Simple. So that everything looks nice to them in Russia. The moment that they walk out of the airplane in Moscow, we take them to the VIP lounge and we toast with champagne to friendship, understanding, detente, brotherhood, Andropov-style. And if they refuse to drink, we tell them, “It’s unethical. You may offend [the] feelings of our people, because it’s a tradition in our country to get drunk for friendship.” And the poor idiots start boozing for three, four, five, ten days continuously. And then next morning we stop. And if any of you who ever tried this trip, to drink for five days and then stop, you know what will happen next morning? You will be sick with a hangover, even sicker. You will feel guilty sometimes, trying to recollect: “What were we talking about yesterday? With whom did you spend the night?”

In the United States, this decadent capitalist country, it’s not a big problem. You go across the street; you buy a 6-pack of cold beer and refresh your memory. In my country, I control these idiots. I take them to the hotel and there is not a drop of alcohol miles around. And they are dying for a drink. This is the time, when their mentality is the most ‘flexible.’ If you don’t believe me, ask your doctor. Alcohol does it, drugs do it. This is the time when we get them involved in propaganda operations--not espionage, no: propaganda, blackmail.

Your beautiful politicians, journalists, can do any idiocy such as citing Helsinki agreements, SALT accords, [and] preferential trade agreements with the Soviet bandits in the Kremlin. They can make a speech in the Kremlin denouncing America and glorifying the USSR. They can sing a song like Pete Seeger did, or Paul Robeson did, in the Kremlin. Anything we want, to our advantage, and to the disadvantage of your nation. And when they come back to America, your media describes this type of people as “soberly thinking politicians.”

This is one sober-thinking politician, Edward Kennedy, dancing with a Russian bride in a wedding palace. We don’t have church weddings because churches are being destroyed by the communist party. So we have official weddings, and Edward Kennedy is attending one of them. What he believes is that (and Time magazine describes [this] misunderstanding too) he is finding common language with the Russians. No, he is not. He thinks he is a beautiful, charismatic politician. No. He is not. He is a part of a circus. It is a specially prepared occasion to impress your politicians. Then they come back to the United States and say, “Russians are just like us. They are normal people.” Yes, we are. We have two hands, one head and go to bathroom just like you do. We make love, we make babies.

I may forgive a little monkey, Samantha Smith, when she goes to Russia on the invitation of comrade Andropov, comes back and says, “Oh, Russians are lovable people.” Yes, we are. Samantha Smith may not notice the difference between the systems’ political structure[s], and I can forgive her. But I can never forgive a political prostitute like Edward Kennedy for not knowing the difference. You can see Edward Kennedy taking part in a farce, and I hope you will believe this is a farce. This is the same type of farce I organized for hundreds of delegates.

You can see [me] in the middle, probably the same bride on the left, and three impressed correspondents on the right. They will come back home and they will explain to their people in Asia, Africa, and Latin America: “Look, Russians are just like us.” Of course we are like you. Please, try to understand, we are not talking about people. We are talking about systems and concepts and moral principles.

Another type of activity: You can see me in the background under the red spot with a group of journalists visiting an ordinary kindergarten. The trick is: it is NOT an ordinary kindergarten.

THIS is the ordinary kindergarten. This picture was published by mistake in one of the government publications in Canada. The caption says, ‘Typical day care center in Siberia.” My dear friends, it is typical, but it is not day care center. It is a prison for the children of political prisoners. They don’t explain it to you, your beautiful journalists.

This is Stalingrad, now Volgograd, the monument to Mother Russia. This propaganda complex is being used to indoctrinate soldiers in unquestionable loyalty to Communist Party.

This is [me], in the same place, with a group of American journalists representing Look Magazine. You can see in the background the statue to Mother Russia. It is a huge monster, ten limes bigger than the Statue of Liberty, an oversized lady with an overdose of hormones, brandishing a sword at you.

This is a copy of Look Magazine, and we’ll come back to that issue later if we have time.

After several successful propaganda operations with American journalists, I was transferred back to India. Your media lies to you when they describe India as the biggest democracy in Asia. India never was the biggest democracy. It was an autocracy, ruled by the Nehru families: Jawaharlal Nehru, his daughter Indira Gandhi, and now her son.

Indira Gandhi was not a non-aligned politician. She was very much aligned with the Soviet Union. She was in the Soviet pocket from the moment she stepped into her office.

When she arrived in United States to visit you two years ago, she lied to you and your media repeated these lies. Indira Gandhi said to your people, “There is no evidence of Soviet military presence in India.” My dear friends, it was the biggest and fattest lie. I was dealing with the Soviet military in India. Some of them were building Indian seaports for Soviet nuclear submarines. Others were preparing invasion into East Pakistan, which the dimwits of your media described as a grassroots Islamic revolution. Believe me please, there was no grass, no root, no revolution, and least of all Islam. There is no such thing as an Islamic revolution. Revolution has nothing to do with Islam. There is no such thing as Islamic terrorists.

Your media lies to you when they say that [the] United States embassy was blown up by “Islamic terrorists.” They are terrorists, yes. But they are not Islamic simply because they were born in an Islamic country. Do you know the difference? I cannot call Comrade Andropov a Christian dictator simply because he was born in a country which was Christian. Islamic people do not hate America. They love you. They know where the money comes from. I am a Christian, but I have no reason to hate Islam, but if you read your own newspapers, you may have an impression that Islam is an enemy of American Christians. Baloney. Open up your eyes please.

This is another type of KGB activity. You can see on my right my KGB supervisor [and] in the middle [a] professor of political science, Delhi University. Why do you think [the] KGB socializes with professors of political science? What kind of secrets [do] we want from [a] professor? We don’t want his secrets. We want the brains of his students.

The KGB is not after secrets.

It is after public opinion.

We invite this professor to a meeting of the Soviet Cultural Society.

There is the whole meeting. We trained him in the teaching of Marxism-Leninism. We sent him to Russia, to study that. You can see me [above], sitting next to politicians and members of the Parliament of India. Why? To create an atmosphere of legitimacy and respectability for this propaganda operation. And these dimwits don’t realize what is going on in their own country. Then the professor will be sent back to Delhi University, and for many generations he will indoctrinate students. And they will grow up firmly believing that socialism is good and that America is bad. They will close their eyes; they will have bananas in their ears. Even though they will see that people die from socialism, they say, "No, no, this is because of [the] CIA."

These are the people who are in charge oft this type of propaganda. About the Information Department of the Soviet Embassy: Sometimes your journalists ask me questions, “Mr. Schuman, how many KGB spies do you think there are in Washington, D.C.?” I think it’s a very dumb question. All of them are. The solution is not to find who exactly works for KGB in which rank. The solution is to kick out all of them if they misbehave, together with their beautiful United Nations.

This is [a] group of people who have nothing to do with espionage. They have something to do with your minds. This gentleman is still in the United States. He’s in New York City. Your officer of [the] United States Army in East Germany was shot to death yesterday by Soviet soldiers, on the pretext that your soldier was spying. Whether he did or not is a big question. Besides, spying is an activity in which superpowers do engage.

This gentleman is also in New York City, a correspondent for the Novosti Press Agency. He IS spying. Nobody shoots him, which is a great pity. The FBI knows perfectly well what he is doing against your people. But you see-- there is no law which would enable FBI to kick him out, together with hundreds of other Soviet agents in your country. But there is a law in your country which forbids your FBI to use your own American mass media, even to explain to your people what they want to do to criminals like these. Please explain to me who is more dangerous to you: your FBI or my KGB? Are you a proud and free nation, or are you a bunch of masochists, afraid of your own police?

Continued in Part Three.