Thursday, December 4, 2008

America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's "Story of Race and Inheritance"

Useless Dissident is always interested in underground, distasteful publications. I am looking forward to reading Steve Sailer's book. Go there and you can read the entire book for free.

John Derbyshire on Half-Blood Prince:
While Steve’s book is destined for life in a plain brown-paper wrapper here in the Republic of Nice, I bet it will sell like hot cakes abroad. There is real value-added for foreign investors, businessmen, diplomats, military folk, commentators, and trouble-makers in understanding America’s president, and America’s Half-Blood Prince is chock full of rich understandings. There is value-added for Americans in such understanding, too; but white Americans are so terrified of talking about, or even being thought to be thinking about, “race and inheritance,” except in the desperately narrow terms dictated to us by PC commissars like the Obamas, that most whites will not touch Steve’s book with a barge pole. Possession of it on business premises will likely be a firing offense. Probably some black Americans will read Steve’s book with interest, but for whites it is a cargo of hot plutonium.

I therefore predict that, once the book has had a couple of years in which to circulate internationally, and be translated into a few languages, foreigners will have a much better understanding of our 44th president than we have.
Well, I find Sailer's obsession with race, racial factors in intelligence, and demographics distasteful, almost as distasteful as the PC race authority. Almost.