Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Today's Idiots: Code Pink

End the war, disarm, and surrender to the enemy. Criticize your own country to no end but always praise the countries of your enemies. Also get invited to the countries of your enemies so they can use you as a propaganda tool:
[Code Pinkers] Benjamin and Evans wrote daily accounts of their trip to Tehran on their blog — and wasted not a word on poor Fatemeh or on the tragedy of women’s rights in Iran under the mullahs and their Sharia laws. Benjamin and Evans portray a rosy and unrealistic situation, where Iranians of all social classes and political persuasions welcome them enthusiastically, share their anti-war sentiments, and desire for peaceful and loving relations with the U.S. and all nations. Medea Benjamin, who lived for seven years in Cuba calling the Castro dictatorship “a paradise on earth,” notices that in Tehran “public transportation is priced right — 20 cents for the subway and 2 cents for the bus.” She fails to mention that the Iranian currency sustained 700 percent devaluation since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and that inflation is at 23% according to governmental statistics and significantly higher than that according to World Bank estimates.
But of course to connect this overt idiocy to the more subtle idiocy of the Party these idiots support, would be unfair "guilt by association."
It is revolting to even consider the self-aggrandizement of these women in contrast to the self-stifling required of Iranian women today. Benjamin and Evans should have stayed in Iran, where they might learn something about freedom.
Well that's always the problem with these idiots, isn't it?