Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meanwhile in Moscow, Havana and Tehran...

As the United States "stimulates" itself into oblivion, the weak and coiled snakes begin to sense weakness, and make their moves.

Here, Russia 'stops missile deployment in Europe because of Obama.' Pffffffff... haha! That is a good one.
Russia has held out an olive branch to President Barack Obama by suspending plans to deploy missiles in Europe.

Defence Ministry officials said that the move had been made because the new United States leadership was reconsidering plans to establish a missile defence shield in Eastern Europe. Deployment of Iskander short-range missiles, which can carry nuclear warheads, in Russia's Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad had been halted in response.

The news emerged before Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's appearance at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last night. Mr Putin said on Monday that he was "cautiously optimistic" about improved relations with the US because Mr Obama had shown a willingness to reconsider the missile shield.
Bear in mind that the Times (UK) is a relatively conservative newspaper. Their foreign editor: "The Russians seem to have finally grasped the implications of Mr Obama’s whirlwind foreign policy review."

Did these people sleep through the Cold War? They even quote Novosti! Ah, "peace" propaganda. It can only be more effective in the Age of Obama. Tom of Naples, Florida writes, "Only President Barack Obama can bring peace to the world. After 8 years of Pres Obama, our citizens will realize the value of a liberal philosophy. After the last 8 years Americans have experienced the dangerous failure of conservatism. Conservatives are going to be in minority for a long time to[o.]" But to their credit, most of the commenters on this item take it for the public relations farce that it is.

Oh, but I have to share this one: "I hope President Obama follows through on his plans to end nuclear weapons and star wars programs. By destroying US weapons and ending new programs, unliaterally [sic], he would send such a positive signal of peace, that the other nations of the world would surely follow suit. This story is proof!" This is the kind of thing a conservative like me would write as a joke. I mean, there's lots of what could be sarcasm, mainly the implication that "detroying... weapons" and "ending... programs," "other nations would surely follow suit." This is obviously wrong, and yet... some people believe it. The useful idiots believe it. I guess it goes to show, once again, that left-wing sincerity and right-wing parody are the same thing.

Meanwhile, Raul Castro comes to Moscow! Nothing to see here, folks! They're just "boosting ties."
Castro told the ITAR-Tass news agency before the trip that Cuba and Russia enjoy "wonderful relations" again after a lull in the 1990s.
TASS! Our old friend! Officially state-run, but truly independent of the government propaganda now, for sure.
[Russian Foreign Minister Sergey] Lavrov also reaffirmed Russia's call for the United States to lift its trade embargo on Cuba. "We intend to firmly pursue our course for lifting the blockade, which we see as a vestige of the long gone era," he said.
Yes, a long gone era. Ah, who could forget all those peaceful democratic reforms that have swept through Cuba and the former Soviet Union? The rule of law established, freedom of speech, movement, religion and representation restored, and all. Otherwise it would be ridiculous to talk of lifting the embargo!

Lest we forget, Drudge reminds us: December 19, 2008-- 3 Russian warships visit Cold War ally Cuba. Those ships then moved on to Venezuela.

And finally, the inestimable Michael Ledeen speaks of Iran once again, reminding us how big a loss they suffered in Gaza through their terrorist proxy.
All of this confusion distracts us from the big story, which is that Iran is in a jam, defeated in Iraq and Gaza, facing a cash flow crisis, and the usual demonstrations raging on college campuses and factories all over the country. If ever there were a fine opportunity for the United States to support Iranian dissidents, this is it. But we’re apparently not going to do any such thing; we’re going to try to strike a deal, even though every president since Jimmy Carter has tried to do just that, and every one of them failed.
There are certainly Iranians who disagree with the official doctrine that is best summarized in the street chant we see so often on the evening news: “Death to America.” In fact, there are probably 50-60 million of them. They are the oppressed people of Iran, and we don’t need the Intelligence Community to identify them. We see them in prison, we see them publicly executed in very brutal ways (including stoning), and we see their offices raided and smashed. Those are the people we should be helping.
But instead we are 'pursing [the same failed] diplomatic solutions' to the same old problems. Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and Iran are weaker now than they have been in years. Now is the time to speak out harshly against them, to sponsor dissident groups and encourage the toppling of these governments. But to do that would be to vindicate President Bush's 'cowboy diplomacy,' where he 'alienated the world' and 'turned them against us.' He 'only strengthened our enemies,' by giving them causes and reasons to fight against us.

To do the right thing now, and treat the governing regimes of these countries as illegitimate would be tantamount to admitting that George Bush's foreign policy was not fundamentally flawed; that he had the right idea. And that is out of the question for the Democrats and for President Obama; he would rather play silly games with the leaders of these countries than support their dissident voices. For his shallow appearance as 'mender of nations and bringer of peace,' he will sacrifice the freedom of millions and ultimately the security of Americans.