Monday, January 19, 2009

Russian KGB State and Obamian Ignorant State

As the world convulses in its idiotic Obamania, Russia happily resumes being a fascist police state:
The broad-daylight slaying of Stanislav Markelov sparked anger among Chechens—already upset by the release of last week of Col. Yuri Budanov—and prompted an outpouring of grief and ire among Russia's beleaguered rights activists.

"This is a horrible, frightening crime," said Tatyana Lokshina of the Human Rights Watch, comparing it to the 2006 slaying of investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya—a client of Markelov's and a fellow enemy of rights abuses in Chechnya and across former President Vladimir Putin's Russia.

Markelov, 34, was gunned down in central Moscow near a building where he had just held a news conference, about half a mile (1 kilometer) from the Kremlin, said Viktoria Tsyplenkova, a spokeswoman for the Investigative Committee of the Moscow prosecutor's office.

Markelov was shot in the back of the head at close range by an attacker who followed him after the news conference, wore a stocking-style mask and had a silencer on his gun—clear signs of a planned killing, state-run RIA-Novosti news agency reported, citing an unidentified law enforcement official.

A deputy editor of the Novaya Gazeta newspaper, Andrei Lipsky, said freelancer Anastasia Baburova, who had written for the paper, was shot when she tried to intervene after Markelov was shot. She was taken to a hospital, but Lipsky said he did not know her condition.
Obama's gonna change it, Obama's gonna leeeeead 'em...

Who is more like Abraham Lincoln-- Barack Obama, or George W. Bush? While our lovely free media voluntarily enslaves itself to the silliest hero worship, calling Obama Lincoln and not in any way pointing out the absurdity of the comparison or even laughing at it-- actually taking it seriously, those "divisive" right-wing blogs that are just too bitter to get on the love train point out that Obama is more like the anti-war Copperhead Democrats of Civil War Fame-- i.e. Lincoln's opponent.

And that would make Lincoln, who stubbornly persisted in preserving the Union despite what everyone was telling him about the impossibility of victory and sustainability, despite all the casualties that were put on his head-- that would make him more like George W. Bush, who heroically persisted in the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, refusing to turn the former into an Iranian proxy state and the latter into the free and open training ground for every backward terrorist group imaginable, despite all the insane Copperheads screaming about how the blood of our children and the lives of innocent Iraqis were on his head.

Yea, Bush=Lincoln. It's a hundred times more true than this disgusting parody of history in which the cowardly Obama, who has never been responsible for anything, who has advanced through life and to the highest office of our country on smiles and charm alone, is somehow compared to Lincoln, who was sullen and depressive, a stubborn and committed defender of the Union, who had more enemies than not and was smuggled to Washington (for the first time) anonymously under cover of night, not with empty speeches and flocks of ignoramuses at every stop.